MAY DAYS | Dana Mueller 

Soft cover, 106 pages, 6.75" x 9" 

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Anticipated publication: 2017 

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May Days is my first monograph. I have worked on this series of photographs in book form for the past three years. What is May Days? In 2014 and also the following year I went to Cuba to co-teach a photography class to a group of American students in Havana. We conducted our classes at the Center for the Studies of Jose Marti, where I met Cuban friends who introduced me to attitudes, views, and life of the island. This series of photographs are my visual record of my time-- during the days of May--and encounters with people and places which seemed to me significant about the island at this specific moment--a time of transition. 

Although I grew up in the former East Germany, it was important to me not to see things through the filter of socialism and economic hardship - although only too apparent - but through social and human engagement that was serendipitous and open. I conceived the work in book format from the start and am excited to present it for publication in 2017.